Frequently Asked Questions

1)  Do I need to be a Seventh Day Adventist to attend?
 NO, everyone of God's children are welcome

2)  Do I need to have a bike?
NO, come and fellow ship.  Catch a ride behind a biker.
       Or rent a bike for the event and see how much fun it can be.

3)  Where can I rent a bike?
Check with a local motorcycle shop.

4)  Will we still ride in the rain?
Light shower - YES;  Storm - NO

5)  What do I need to bring?
Clothing, rain gear, water bottles, snacks.

6)  What facilities are available?
Showers, toilets

7)  What type of food is provided?
     And what meals are provided?
Vegetarian meals.
      Friday - supper
      Saturday - breakfast, lunch, supper
      Sunday - breakfast, lunch
      Daily - snacks and drinks